10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help Envision Your New Bathroom

At AAA Build, one of our favourite parts of our job is hearing our clients speak about their vision for their new bathroom. We love hearing the passion our clients have for their ideas, knowing that we have the privilege of bringing it into reality.

However, if you’re interested in a bathroom makeover, but your vision isn’t really clearly defined yet, that’s okay! The image of your new bathroom might be a little grainy now, but we’re here to help you bring it into focus!

Enhance the resolution on your new bathroom by asking yourself these 10 key questions:

1. What’s My Core Motive?

Are you redesigning for aesthetic appeal, functionality, or both? If it’s about increasing your home’s resale value, you might want to research current bathroom design trends to see what’s popular with today’s buyers. If it’s personal comfort, let your unique tastes shine.

Think about how you feel when stepping into your bathroom. If those dated tiles are causing you to cringe daily, then renovating for aesthetics could be your guiding star.

(While we’re talking about tiles, see our advice for picking the perfect tiles for your bathroom reno).

2. How Much Can I Dive into My Pockets?

There’s no getting around it – how much you’re willing to spend will always influence what’s possible for a bathroom renovation. So, before you get fixated on that solid-gold toilet, it’s a good idea to determine your spending capacity to avoid disappointment later.

With that said, at AAA Build, we’re experienced with working with budgets of various levels. We are always eager to offer alternative suggestions to help you get the look and feel you want without overspending.

3. To Tub or Not to Tub?

While tubs offer luxurious soaks, they also consume space. A spacious shower might be more practical if your bathroom area is tight. However, for homes with kids, tubs can be indispensable for bathtime fun.

Love tubs? This gorgeous freestanding tub setup we installed in Mornington Peninsula, Rye proves that making space for a bathtub can really be worthwhile.

If you’re working with a small area, check out our tips and tricks for maximising small spaces in your bathroom renovation.

4. Do I Want to Wake Up to Bold or Neutral?

It’s well-studied that colours influence mood. While bright hues can invigorate the senses, pastels and neutrals are often more soothing in bathrooms. Consider how you want to feel in your bathroom. The morning rush might benefit from energetic tones, while evening relaxation could call for calmer shades.

5. Storage: Hidden or Displayed?

Don’t neglect thinking about your storage needs. Hidden compartments create a minimalist look, while open shelving offers decorative opportunities. Maybe a blend of both? The key is ensuring easy access to daily essentials while keeping clutter at bay.

6. Future-Proofing: Is It a Thing?

If you see yourself growing old in this home, factor in age-friendly design elements. Walk-in showers, non-slip tiles, and easily accessible shelves can make a world of difference in the long run.

See our article on renovating tips for accessibility.

7. Is Green My Scene?

Opting for low-flow faucets, water-saving toilets, and energy-efficient lighting isn’t just good for the planet – it’s kind on your bills. Being eco-conscious can also up the resale value, a bonus for forward-thinking homeowners!

8. What’s My Day-to-Day Like?

If you and your family often jostle for sink space during rush hours, dual sinks might be a saviour. Think about daily routines and design for efficiency.

This dual sink setup we installed at our recent Templestowe Townhouses project is sure to come in handy on those frantic weekday mornings.

9. Mood Lighting or Bright and Shiny?

Consider your lighting needs for different tasks – makeup application requires bright, even light. In contrast, a relaxing bath might call for dimmable mood lighting. Versatility is key.

10. How Do I Feel About Technology?

Modern bathrooms can be equipped with smart showers that remember temperature preferences, mirrors with built-in speakers, or even toilets with automated cleaning. Decide how tech-savvy you want your space to be.

Let’s Reflect

As specialists in bathroom renovation design, we know that every bathroom ends up as unique as the homeowner. It’s a blend of personal preferences, practical needs, and design aspirations. So, take your time, mull over these questions, and sculpt a space that truly feels like yours.

And remember; it’s okay if you don’t have all the answers right now – AAA Build is here to help! Contact us today to discuss your design ideas so we can help you build the perfect bathroom space.

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