2023 is here, and with it comes a new set of trends that will inspire your next bathroom renovation. Let’s dive in and see what’s in vogue for 2023.

  1. White tile is out; light & soft tones are in

Everybody feels anxious about picking a colour that will make the bathroom look small, even though it’s already very small and claustrophobic looking! This causes many people to default to choosing white colour tiles to stick to the neutral colour theme and give the room that “spacey” open look.

This works but can be a bit predictable and boring. Lately, we’ve seen a trend towards bypassing the traditional white tiles and use different light colours and tones to achieve that open, airy feeling in a more organic way. For example, soft pastels, light blues, and pale greens work quite well. With a bit of vision and help from the team at AAA Build, we can add complementary darker tiles or introduce a pattern to add contrast and the “WOW” factor.

  1. Say goodbye to boring lighting

We’re all fixated on placing all our lighting, so every part of the room gets what we think is its fair share of light. However, this often causes us to “mishmash” downlights all over the place. In most cases a 3 in 1 is dumped between the maze of lights in the room, which looks ugly and clunky.

Both the team at AAA Build and our clients are ahead of the curve on this side of things and, for the last couple of years, have been using decorative lighting in renovations – from pendant lights over the vanities or showers to flashy chandeliers. This adds a touch of glamour to the bathroom.

The other thing that works well is wall sconces and, of course, LED Mirrors and strip lighting around the splashback area and perimeter of the vanity. The best part is it’s not much more expensive to do all this. The labour content may be marginally more expensive, but quality fittings are cheap to buy these days because the market is so price-driven, and everyone is trying to win your business.

  1. Feature tiling

The humble subway and mosaic tile of yesteryear are back in full force for 2023. This is unlike the old days when the whole bathroom was done this way, giving you almost “vertigo” as soon as you walked in. Nevertheless, in our opinion, these tiles remain timeless.

Now decorative tiling can be used as a feature wall or in a featured part of the bathroom, such as the shower area. You can also mix and match with different patterns when it comes to subway tiles, or you can experiment with round or hexagon mosaic tiles. They really do make the bathroom look more beautiful, and this is very trendy now.

  1. Break out and express yourself

We are starting to see clients take more risks with mix and matching their bathroom designs. At the time of consulting with some of our clients, we honestly had to scratch our heads. But, over the years, we have learned to trust our client’s vision and ideas. 99% of the time, we are blown away by the result.

One of the tricks is to stick to one colour palette. Don’t overthink it or overdo it with too much articulation. Instead, use different shades and textures of the primary colour you’ve chosen for the bathroom. Sometimes it works to go for complete contrasts, so don’t be disheartened. However, be careful because if it’s a “miss”, it will be a disaster.

The solution? Work with your AAA Build Design Consultant to minimise the chances of “miss”! Look at plenty of photos and try to physically visit something that resembles what you want, and most importantly, put a design board together.

Another option is to mix polished chrome and brass as a contrast. You can also use different materials, such as wood, stone, and metal. If done properly, it can look amazing. Another thing that gives the bathroom an additional dimension is using certain accessories, such as towel bars, shower seats, and artwork. AAA Build will work with you to personalise the overall design and space of your new bathroom so that it reflects you!

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