Bathroom Renovations

If you’re looking to turn your home into a personal retreat, hiring a professional to do a bathroom renovation can work wonders for your space. Whether you want to refurbish it into a luxury guest restroom to a private spa, we can make anything possible. Whatever you desire, we can give you a place you can unwind and get away from all the worries of the day.

At AAA Build, we provide top-tier bathroom renovations across Melbourne. With our help, we can elevate your bathroom and turn it into the perfect place to bask in total relaxation. We could even get creative and give the space an artistic makeover, astonishing every guest that walks in the door.

Our endless list of qualifications and previous projects with clients prove that we’re more than capable of getting you closer to your dream home. From large-scale to small bathroom renovations, we can accomplish all your goals.

We are intent on providing outstanding customer service that goes above and beyond for each of our clients. From the beginning to the end of the project, our tradespeople will remain in a highly professional and courteous manner. Our team consists of professional licensed tradespeople and friendly office staff, placing our customers at our utmost priority.

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The Process

Let’s take you through our bathroom renovation step-by-step process.

We start by creating a quote for you. In this quote, our team will offer you design concepts, showcasing fixtures and finishes that’d work well in the space. After we find the right bathroom remodel plan for you, we take everything out before the transformation, giving the space a fresh makeover. Paying attention to all the fine details, we will assess your current plumbing situation to ensure we can create your perfect oasis. Our team will be with you every step of the way to give you the perfect end result for the space.


During your first consultation with us, we will talk through how you would like to rearrange the space to suit your personal preferences. We will map out a design plan that will work with your lifestyle and needs. Our team will then measure the fixtures, snap photos of the space, and go over your ideas for the bathroom renovation.

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After our discussion, we will provide you with a free estimated quote. You have the option to choose what products and fixtures from our service you’d like to add to the space. During the next step, we will reframe our budget bathroom renovation service to suit your price range and personal preferences.


Now here’s the fun part! Our team of highly-qualified designers will map out a design plan tailored to your specific needs. Our in-home selection process will give our team a chance to get a feel for the space to create a design that best suits your home. We specifically look at the light signature of the space to determine what colours and textures to use so that you can have a bathroom that shines.


After we fine-tune the design plan, we get your final approval. Once you are satisfied with it, we are ready to start the makeover. We will then give you your end quote so that you can approve the asking price before the start of the project.


Before we begin, our supervisor will discuss the bathroom renovation process to assure you that your home will be safe with us. They will be your first point of contact for any questions you may have about the team and what to expect during the remodelling stages.


After meeting with the supervisor, we will move on to the bathroom remodel stage. Our team of experienced tradespeople are licensed with WHS certifications and police clearances, giving you the best people for the job! Your on-site supervisor will keep you up to date so that you remain at ease right until the very end of the makeover.


Once the project is finalised, your on-site supervisor will look over the complete bathroom renovation. After it is ready for approval, we will give you your written warranties. This includes 6-year workmanship, 10-year waterproofing, and warranties of all our products so that your home stays in top shape.

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    At AAA Build, we aim to provide your bathroom with an end result that exceeds your goals. For this reason, we can give our clients a 10-year labour guarantee and warranty.

    You will never have to settle for less with AAA Build on your side. We know first and foremost how important your home is to your day-to-day life. With our help, we will put in the work to turn your bathroom into an oasis. With more than 35 years of experience, we have a list of loyal customers who have become a part of our family.

    Our passion and perseverance are what sets us apart from other bathroom renovation companies in Melbourne. From our superior customer service, highly qualified staff, and attention to detail, you can see why we are the home owner’s favourite bathroom remodel service to rely on.